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Emilia's Pizzeria - My favorite New York style on the West Coast. Also: one man doing it all in a space the size of a show box. It's a unique coal oven-esque pie from an old gas oven and it's an absolute must for me every time I get north.  Make sure you go to Keith's site and read the instructions or no pizza for you.

Suggested Pies: Whatever he's got that's spicy.


Del Popolo - I have never laid eyes on their pizza truck, one of the seven wonders of the world, but their brick and mortar spot in Knob Hill is beautiful and the pizza is too.

Suggested Pies: Dough is the star so Margherita.

Pizzeria Delfina - A surprising amount of people don't seem to be that impressed, but it's great spot. It's a light, unique thin crust with crazy good ingredients. Do a double feature with Tartine Bakery in The Mission.

Suggested Pies: Sausage or anything red.

Tony's Pizza Napoletana - Tony Gemingani (who by most accounts is a good guy) will tell you he's won the world championship of pizza multiple times and he can make you any style you want. I've had some great visits here and one merely okay one. Don't sleep on his coal oven slice place next door.

Suggested Pies: Get your favorite style and see if stacks up (or a Jersey Tomato Pie if you don't want to take a chance.


Zero Zero - It's the fancy/bougie version of the slightly superior Pizzeria Picco, but every pie I've had there was legit. Neapolitan-inspired with California ingredients and sensibilities.

Suggested Pies: The Castro is always nice.


The Cheeseboard - This is one of those package deals where it's not just the food. Really cool concept where they do a single thin crust pie that changes every day. It's at least worth looking up the menu online.

Suggested Pies: The one pizza they're serving that day.

Flour + Water - The focus has shifted more to the incredible pasta, but I am a fan of everything they serve and would grab a pie here any day. Cheffy Neapolitan pies.

Suggested Pies: The Osso with bone marrow.

Little Star - Am I crazy or is this the best Chicago deep dish on the West Coast? Really chunky, zesty tomatoes and a flavorful crust, which isn't easy to pull off on this style.

Suggested Pies: I don't always get deep dish but when I do, I prefer sausage.



Ragazza - When you go to a place once many years ago and you're still craving it, they're doing something right. I remember a bready crust, like the best possible homemade pie you could ever get.

Casey's - The very best pizza I ever had from a truck (though to be fair I never got to the Del Popolo one) is now brick and mortar. Casey really seemed to care, I bet it's just as good.

PizzaHacker - The lore of this place is great. I really dug the pizza, liked the vibe just as much, but I hit at the end of a 14-slice day so I can't swear by it yet.

Arizmendi Bakery - It's like Cheeseboard where the pizza changes each day and everyone loves it and maybe it's even better than Cheeseboard...but the one day I went it was merely good. Would go back.




There's too much food in the Bay. But I haven't had: A16, Beretta, Fiorella, Gialina, Gioia, Golden Boy Pizza, il Casaro, Mozzeria, Pauline and many others. My next visit will definitely include the new Flour + Water Pizzeria. Please email me the biggest miss.



Capo's and Zachary's are deep dish pies that aren't worth the cals. Pizzaiolo has never done it for me, either, no judgement. Tomasso's is a fun place full of history, but not good pizza. And I just don't get Arinell.

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